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Elie Abi Farah


حول Elie Abi Farah:

A motivated, adaptive, problem-solving and responsible Agriculture/Landscape Engineer graduate seeking a position that will entitle me to utilize all my high performing professional and technical skills as well as my resourceful innovative ideas and my excellent communication skills that I believe it will be beneficial to your company in order to achieve its long and short term goals.


•Collaborate with clients to develop landscape design concepts and proposals. 

•Conduct site visits and assessments to gather relevant information and understand project constraints 

•Create detailed landscape drawings, including plans, sections and elevations. •

Specify appropriate plant section and materials for each project. •

Monitor projects progress and ensure that •

Continually stay up to date with industry trends and developments, incorporating innovative ideas into designs. 

•Study the appropriate climate condition for nurseries. 

•Identify nursery needs. •Prepare programs for arranging of nursery ground.

 •Identify quantities of materials and equipment and its specifications. 

•Natural and artificial lawn installation and maintenance over the year. 

•Executing programs for irrigations, fertilizations and pest control for many garden, public spaces and green areas.



Masters II : Agriculture and Landscape Engineering, Lebanese University

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