Hiba Bizri

El Qrayé, محافظة جبل لبنان

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About me:

A life-long learner, who enthusiastically helps students unleash their imagination and creativity, proactively cultivates learning among students by engaging the diverse learning styles of all learners, and manifests a sincere and concrete care for each and every student.


I hold a BA in Graphic design and a Teaching diploma in Education


I believe that all learners should learn to lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives as competitive but humane participants in the emerging global marketplace who ultimately work to make their world a better place.
Experimenting with art students connect to different subject areas as Math, Science and Literature. Creativity plays a vital role in the learning environment through the primary years, where learners love to experiment with different effects and textures, create freely, and explore the properties of materials. And this is the reason I believe that art is all about the process and not the product.

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