Ibarahim Housawe

Beirut, محافظة بيروت

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engineering Freelancer

About me:


Commenced academy 2017/2018,in Cinematic and Theater Sciences

Graduated 2019/2020  Universty Academy of Cinemtic and Theater Sciences





Certification from Ministry of Culture in:



January 2018: DOP Elie Habra, Abdo Najjar

    ●     Program on Aljadeed Tv

Director Chadi Massoud

    ●        Video clips for Fadi Ismail singer

Najjar Production:

    ●       Cameraman

Employment Record:

    1.DIrector  , Cameraman ,  and Montage ( adobe premiere) for Advertisement for Score Bowling

    2.Director , Cameraman , and Montage ( adobe premiere) for Hookah Cafe in Kola

    3.Photography and Photoshop as freelancer

    4.Photography and Video Clips for birthdays as freelancer

    5.Channel on Instagram for new ideas for Video Clips

    6.Video Clips on Aljadeed Tv  as Cameraman and Actor (وينها الحكومة)

    7.Selling Idea for Habibi Baalbaki video clip

    8.Montage for Burger King

    9.Swydan Group Montage "party"

    10.Selling Idea for a movie "Video Clip"

    11. Director and video editing for New Vision Tv

Social Networks

Instagram: @Ibrahiim Housawe

What kind of projects is Ibarahim Housawe looking for?

My objective in to obtain a position where I will be able to contribute my skills, knowledge and experience to a company that  will give me an opportunity to develop my career .

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