Iman Bassam I

Iman Bassam

Bachoura, محافظة بيروت

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About me:

I am energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach 
to any task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with. As a graduate, with 
Masters 2 degree in Material & Applications science I don’t have any previous work 
experience but willing to express my powers at the first opportunity.


Master 2 Materials and Applications-Lebanese University Faculty of 
Sciences (2020)
 Most relevant courses and activities
 Characteristics, formation technique, storage and packaging of many materials.
Master 1 Physical Chemistry-Lebanese University Faculty of Sciences 
 Most relevant courses and activities
 Chemistry of materials, surfaces and interfaces, we were asked to prepare a 
presentation about the characteristics of materials
 Chemistry of polymers
 Lang, in this course we were asked to write a report and present about a 
chosen task
 Thermodynamics of polymers
Bachelor Chemistry-Lebanese University Faculty of Sciences (2018)
 Most relevant courses and activities
In my second year I worked in a group in a conference about the uses of polypropylene in 
construction and specifically plastics.
High School-Amlieh School (2015)
 Most relevant activities
I was the organizer of a conference about translocation in biology.


Laboratory Experience
 Training in the ACTS company (2020), Laboratory work, performing tests 
according to standards, preparing reports and presentations.
 Training in the Lebanese University (2019), Synthesis, preparing reports and 

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