mira basma

mira basma

Beirut, محافظة بيروت

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About me:

23 is my age and Mira Basma is my name! My ambition is what drives me, pushes me towards my dreams. For a long time now, I have longed for the same goal which is to become a person in Education to impact lives, even in the smallest of means. And honestly I really love kids as well as growing up with them, learning from their mistakes and getting them on correct paths using the expression of emotions through music. 


I have completed my Masters in musicology as well as my Teaching diploma, as have I been through many music workshops and skill building experiences in this field. I am a fast learner that always seeks improvement and development, while keeping track of new things arousing in the music education world. My Master degree helped me get into the deep analysis of Western music in all of its forms, and I dabbled in a little composition as well. I have just enrolled in a TEFL course to be enhance my English teaching skills


I have taught for almost 4 years now in a school, many music academies and freelance music teacher, special music education took a small part in my life where I had a slight experience in this field. The fun part of teaching for me is the creativity, sure I follow international curricula and methods, but the really exciting part is when the student can't seem to get some particular idea in some particular way written in some book, here I can really show skill in coming up with new musical fun ways to help Him/Her understand.

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