Mireille kirdi

Tripoli, محافظة لبنان الشمالي

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About me:

Certified Lebanese Make up artist, has more than 2 years experience in the field 


Make up Certification - at Rania Ossman Beauty center

BA - Bachelor in interior design - LIU - FINE ARTS 



I have been working as a MAKE UP ARTIST at Rania Ossman beauty center where i learn more and more about make up technique, and how to emphasis the beautiness of every women, because every women has her own beauty and she is different by her shape and skin tone, eye form…

I did many make up looks and techniques, where i get a wide experience to advise every women what is the most suitable for her face and beauty.

I was learning a professional technique of contouring for every face shape and the blending technique for the shades, how can i emphasis the beautiness of every face and do a perfect base of coverage to start the make up look.  

In addition i was working as a sales representative at Pearl brands company where I get a wide knowledge about different luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, DKNY, MOSCHINO, Boss … this experience has proven to me that the success of a company depends not only on products quality but also on customer service, an individual approach, and post-purchase support,  where I get many trainings about customer service and how i should help clients to find their needs and solving problems.

I know that the key to success in the beauty markets is a company that takes care of every client. Rest assured that my sincere desire to help women will be a weighty contribution to your goals. 

Also you can check my work as a make up artist on my Instagram platform: @mk_mireillekirdi

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