Mohamad Abboud

Sidon, قضاء صيدا

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I have been working for four years in the effort of gaining experience in several domains. In the pursuit of becoming knowledgeable in different fields within the sales medium. During those four years I learned to put my skills to beneficial use, mastering the art of working hard yet smart. It was a privilege to have gained knowledge from my superiors in the sales field. Today, I describe myself as someone ready for a new journey and greater opportunities, in the effort to learn more and become valuable to the workplace. 


Hardworking and result oriented.

Quick learner, patient, energetic and friendly.

Responsible with self-initiative.

Date of birth: 29/06/1994

Nationality: Lebanese 

Status: Single




2009 – June 2013

High school diploma, Al-risallah International school (ksa)

Graduated with a GPA of 3.3

2014 - 2015

Banking and insurance, Amity university in Dubai

Completed one year at the program.



2017 – present

Finance and accounting, Phoenicia university 

Senior student. (In pursuit of my degree)





2019 - 2021


  • Making daily orders for contractors and making sure all orders are delivered on time. 
  • Distributing lead time delivery, display, after sales services 
  • Leading contracts negotiation
  • Enforcing and providing direction, and guidance to department managers on proper customer service and needs of the community
  • Maintaining awareness of market trends in the retail industry by examining the market regularly.
  • Work as key member of cross functional team practicing product branding and marketing.
  • Taking responsibility for the logistics of the job. Including planning product orders and supervision over the distribution and accumulation of goods, 


2017 – 2019

Store Supervisor, Khashab hardware & tools

This post helped me gain experience professionally and personally. Dealing and working with customers on a daily basis with face-to-face interaction widely improved my communication skills. (development of enhanced problem solving skills and good customer service)


Duties and Responsibilities

  • In Charge of Ordering/purchasing different Commodities in Coordination with the Purchasing Committee, as per Demands and Sale Transactions originated by the Central Warehouse 
  • Implementing Company Policies & Procedures. 
  • In Charge of developing the business growth (marketing). 
  • Selection of Quality Products to Match Market Demands and Requirement.
  • Responsible for Scheduling Deliveries and Checking the Quality of Stocks as per Approved Ordering Lists. 


2016 – 2021

Private Driver

Private Driver at my own expense in Lebanon

  • Learned to be time-oriented with picking-up and dropping-off customers on time.



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Instagram: @abboud.mhamad94

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