Nada Dennawi N

Nada Dennawi

Koûr, محافظة لبنان الشمالي

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About me:

As a lifelong lover of the English language, it has always been a passion of mine to play a role in the shaping of future minds towards the art of English Language and Literature. I'm a passionate reader of novels, poetry, plays……. I'm an inquisitive person that enjoys researching anything for the sake of general and specific knowledge.


I hold a PhD in English Language and Literature from the Lebanese University following my dissertation titled “ The Formation of Stereotypes in Sir Richard Francis Burton's Translation of The Arabian Nights”. I completed my MA in The Holy Spirit University Of Kaslik. I did a Higher Degree Diploma in English Language and Literature from Beirut Arab University after completing my BA in The Lebanese University.


I have several years worth of experience in teaching English language at the Lebanese University, over seven years of teaching in private universities and even five years of teaching in a technical institution. I have also over ten years of experience as a Language Coordinator and had the pleasure of assisting in a curriculum development for one year alongside one published article and five more on the way.

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