omar rifai

omar rifai

Beirut, محافظة بيروت

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About me:

omar al rifai

surveyor engineer




  • M.S. in Survey Engineering /Lebanese International University ,  Lebanon, 2018 

Final Year Project :

Laser Scanner : conservation and restoration for Amawe mosque in Baalbek (using laser scanner )


  • Bachelor in Survey Engineering / Lebanese International University, Lebanon,  2016 

Final Year Project : GIS

  •  planning and regulation using GIS for Bekaa , Lebanon 
  • related  data between maps and building
  • join and relate between table of content and maps


Arabic Structural Engineers Company: (Sep. 2017 - present)

  • Profiling and design roads. 
  • stake out  the coordinates and levels for the buildings in Bekaa.
  • Taking the levels of the earth and calculate the excavated amount and the backfill based on the drawings that i made after taking the levels. 

 Hammoud Company : (July 2016 - Nov. 2016)

  • Taking the road levels based on the drawings
  • Checking the level of the excavation at site 
  • Calculate the amount of excavation and backfill

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