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Oussama  Yassine


حول Oussama Yassine :

I am someone who love to use logic and reason to find the best combination of cost and quality for any purchase. I help people make the most informed decision possible for their needs.

A passionate and experienced procurement professional with a diverse background in commercial business and operations.



2017 – 2021


• Supports the sales strategy while ensuring alignment with the Division’s strategic goals.

• Identifies, develops, and coordinates effective business opportunities with all stakeholders within value chain to ensure maximum market penetration.

• Approaches existing and potential customers with a value-based selling approach to convince customers of product benefits and its unique selling proposition.

• Creates industry alliances by identifying complimentary partners and solutions to offer end-customers value and return-on-investment.

• Manages, supports and coordinates existing commercial distribution partners, buying groups and the manufacturer reps network in the region.

• Provides technical and commercial support for food services refrigeration products to meet sales objectives in North America.

• Delivers sales presentations to existing and potential customers and provides sales training to business partners.

• Manage product, pricing, marketing and distribution strategy in close cooperation with senior and Product management on identifying and considering regional and local requirements for product and distribution strategy.

• Maintains frequent and timely assessments and reports on market conditions; potential and current customers and competitors; markets serviced; forecasts and sales reports.

• In coordination with regional Marketing; creates local and regional marketing plan.

• Represents Company at trade association meetings and/or industry events to promote products.

• Establishes and monitors appropriate sales forecast, market share targets and quality program in the Sales region.

• Manages and coordinates purchase orders of appliances in cooperation with sales administration.

• Supports distribution partners and factories in the product certification and approval process.

• Demonstrates integrity in dealings with people and issues.

•  Demonstrates cost consciousness

MARCH 2016   – JULY 2017




Upon the receipt of a purchase request the Purchasing Department carries out the following tasks: 



•             Obtains the three (3) be /Department Head. In case when the PR is disapproved by the Authorized Signatory, it is the responsibility of the Head of Finance to advise the HOD and get clarifications as and when necessary. 

•             Initiates the Purchase Order on the approved Purchase Requests 


•             st quotations based on the selection criteria explained above. (In cases where there is only 1 quote obtained, the appropriate reason should be indicated under the ‘Remarks’ section. This may also be indicated when purchase is done on cash basis, due to the urgency of the item requested) 

•               Fills up the required information on the Purchase Request 

•             Forwards the Purchase Request to the authorized signatories for their review and approval. 

•             Returns the disapproved Purchase Requests to the concerned Branches

To aid and cooperate with all departments in meeting their needs for operating supplies, equipment, and services.

                To process all requisitions with the least possible delay. 


                To procure a product that will meet the Branches' requirements at the least cost.

                To obtain prices on comparable materials after receipt of Branches requisition. 

                To keep items in store in sufficient quantities to meet normal requirements of the Branch for a reasonable length of time within space availability. 

                To investigate and document complaints about merchandise and services for future reference. 

                To transfer or dispose of surplus property.

                To Follow up with the Branches if the Requisition Delivered within 48 Hrs.


MARCH 2013   – MARCH 2016



•             Responsible for completing all administrative procedures concerning allocated requests and orders, upon receiving through the system till item/service physically delivered or rendered to the property. 

•             Interacts with vendors for new products available in the market to serve as possible alternatives for used products, informs concerned and request samples for onward testing purposes, providing that product is of same quality & better price. 

•             Follow up on daily market list deliveries and reports any discrepancies. 

•             Responsible for reviewing and updating all personally entered (locked) price quotations, supplier’s data, and date validity. 

•             Advises through market knowledge, special offers, discounted products, cost saving substitutes and possible brand shortages, serving the benefit of the property. 

•             Monitors vendors reliability and services, establishes new contacts with prospective vendors. 

•             Performs related duties and any assigned special projects as and when requested. 



Cost Controller (April 2012-March 2013) 

Gefinor Rotana Hotel(Clemenceau Street-Hamra) 

•             To have the cost savings by identify the most yielded product from various supplies. 

•             To minimize the chances of favorite suppliers 

•             Plan to get three samples from various suppliers 

•             To ensure that the purchase prices are in line with the market prices. 

•             To control the cost of sale within the budget 

•             To have proper and efficient inventories. 

•             Prepare the month end inventory schedule as considering the points in the planning. 

•             Conduct the spot check inventory 

•             To measure the performance of the store 

•             Reconciliation of purchases 

•             Purchase against the budget analysis 

•             To identify the profitability and compare the statistical values 


Credit Officer/Pay Master(January 2010-April 2012) 

Gefinor Rotana Hotel(Clemenceau Street-Hamra) 

•             Follows up collections of accounts receivable, taking all necessary actions to secure timely payment emphasizing on overdue amounts. 

•             Ensures that necessary information in regard to overdue account is supplied to the Credit Manager periodically. 

•             Organizes global billings for conventions, seminars and groups in order to ensure that all services were charged according to the agreement. 

•             Controls the advance deposits account and ensures that credits are applied properly or refunded if not used. 


•             Follows up and reconcile regularly the credit card accounts to ensure that every single discrepancy is solved and taken care of. 


•             arrange a monthly credit meeting and month end closing. 

•             To import the previous day’s employee swiping card data from the swiping terminal of time and attendance system. 

•             To update, run close day operation, print and file daily time sheets. 

•             To verify overtime requisitions with time sheets, forward the same for approvals, distribute green copy and process approved overtime requisitions in the payroll system. 

•             The paymaster checks the attendance sheets, with supporting documents such as leave form, payroll notification, sick leave form, time & attendance system etc. and enters the attendance details in to the payroll system. 


Account Receivable(July 2009 till January 2010) 

Gefinor Rotana Hotel( Hamra-Clemenceau Street) 


•             To review the city ledger folios with supporting documents such as charge slips, LPOs etc. 

•             To send the original invoices with supporting documents to the customer, files a copy of the full set in the customer file. 

•             To issue receipts for cash and cheques received from customers and credit card payment received directly to the bank. 

•             To print payment-posting report from the system, tally with general ledger and prepares payment reconciliation summary after obtaining Financial Accountant’s signature. 

•             To maintain all barter accounts and prepare an updated summary. 


Night Auditor (1st of January 2008) – (present) 

Gefinor Rotana Hotel- (Hamra-Clemenceau street) 


•             Food and Beverage Revenue Summary 

•             New Daily Report ( Day-Month to date – last year) 

•             Market Segment (Day-Month to date) 

•             Duty meal summary 

•             Entertainment summary 

•             Credit card summary 

•             Correction and canceled payment 

•             Call control sheet 

•             Etc… 


Food and Beverage Cashier (July 2006)-(December 2007) 

Gefinor Rotana Hotel – ( Hamra –Clemenceau street) 


•             Olive and Oil Restaurant 

•             Trader Vic’s Restaurant 

•             Banquet 











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