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Finance and Audit Professional

الخدمات المعروضة: إعداد التقارير المالية , محللون كميون , مسك الدفاتر والتمويل , المراقبون الماليون المؤقتون , المحاسبة والتمويل , خبراء إكسيل , مدققو الحسابات , إدخال البيانات , تخطيط موارد المؤسسة/CRM /SCM

Dbaïyé, محافظة جبل لبنان
ل.ل350,000 / ساعة
معدل تقريبي


حول Youssef CHARBEL:

I have extensive experience in Finance and Audit both internal and external and would want to pursue my career in a position where I can apply my skills and potential to contribute to your bottom line. 


My now Seven years of experience working in this field as in consultancy or as a full-timer, provided me with diverse knowledge of financial and accounting system issues and challenges, particularly relating to CSO NGOs and INGOs in addition to small and medium businesses. 


This includes operational, audit, costing, financial management, and budgeting tasks. I have been able to use this knowledge to help my clients and organizations improve their accounting procedures and practices to reduce errors in financial reporting and save processing time, thus saving money and as well make sure the risk of fraud is well mitigated. 


A person dedicated to quality, I maintain a high level of accuracy when performing general accounting tasks and creating financial reports, while working within time limits. I take pride in my work and always bring a positive attitude to the job and encourage my team to have this same outlook when they come in for the day. I know that any organization needs a great financial background wish including a team that can handle the tasks assigned to them in order to come under budget. For this reason, I know that I would be a vital member of your team. 


By looking back at my previous work experiences and my education, and in order to present the number of years of experience I have in the field of finance and audit, I have to consider an important fact that I believe is true in this matter. 

The fact that first day I began acquiring experience in the finance field is when I decided to become a professional. And that happened during my years of study back when I used to study with a research approach different from only limiting myself to the books that were given to us by our teachers at the university. Therefore I was grasping and understanding the essential concepts of internal controls and audit as well as financial representations in their essential useful and practical meaning. 

It is by adding these years of useful personal development and studies to my working experience, that I can consider myself a professional. It is in those working years were at many situations had to start, and initiate the structuring and development of departments from scratch, such as the Internal audit department at the first audit cabinet, and then the financial accounting systems in the local NGOs, and lately the whole financial policies and procedure’s elaboration. 

These challenges enabled me to have a strong sense of independence and self-direction, based on strong research, skeptical and objective thinking and getting the right answers by asking the right questions. In a summarized way I would consider my qualifications divided into 5 sections or parts that best describe who I am professionally and what I want to become. 

First, on a technical level, I have learned, tested, and managed all financial-related matters on all levels of the organization. Beginning from the simple accounting software setup to structuring and elaboration of the full financial reporting system enough to cover the need of many different parties. I have acquired the Ability to adapt to any system ERP in place and have quick learning skills that enable me to flexibly respond to the technical need of the essential and fundamental accounting standards. 

In the second part, and from the organizational perspective, I have a strong belief in policies and procedures, and regulations. Not only because I come from an audit background but because I truly believe that those written rules are set to mitigate risk and increase the organizational success in meeting goals. Therefore my skills have excelled in the approach of understanding policies and procedures in a way that I manage to abide by. 

My third section, is about my interrelationship with my colleague and supervisors, as I have developed a personal policy that state to base my professional relationship upon mutual respect and admiration of successful fruitful productivity, where I have in many situations been able to learn from my supervisors and produce exactly what they needed up until I initiated my own style in management and ways to simplify the financial technicalities into a simple concept, useful for juniors in forms of official well-designed workshops, as well as training materials elaborated upon need and demand. 

My fourth part of the qualification is to be considered my professional development section, where I have learned that some people at the higher point of their career have their learning curve stable and feel satisfied while it is oppositely applied in my case, I find it continuous, active, with aims of promotions of effectiveness, efficiency, I believe lessons are always to be learned and the learning cures should always be increasing. I started my Cover letter by saying that my experience began when I was in university deciding to be what I am today, and today I’m still in the progressive process to reach where I want to become tomorrow. 

My fifth and final qualification and even if it might not be considered to be a professional qualification, I do consider it one of the important characteristics in my life, profession, and way to deal with things. It is my ability to make music, draw, and have the motive for research and knowledge. This characterizes my way to deal with stress, time, and risks. 

I do believe that by considering my profession with all its complex technicalities, its rigid and serious aspects and dimensions wish I do not at all consider otherwise, that finding one’s self in what he does and simply linking his work to his personal skills is a crucial part of his success.


BA In Finance and Internal Audit and Business Control 

Attended the CIA Certification courses only 

Planning to certify myself with the CMA Certificate 

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