6 Professionals auxilia de estoque

  • Zeina El nemer Z

    Zeina El nemer

    My name is Zeina EL Nemer and I am ambitious nursing students who have recently graduated  · I am seeking a registered n ...

    Tripoli, محافظة لبنان الشمالي



    my name is Bader Chedid born in 1987 femaleqnd married. 

    Jbaïl, محافظة جبل لبنان

  • Rasha B

    Rasha B

    Experienced Sales Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Sales industry and marketing. Skilled in ...

    Ramlet el Baïda, محافظة بيروت

  • Pierre Khoury P

    Pierre Khoury

    An opportunity to contribute my professional knowledge at the right place and enhance my skills for further growth and b ...

    Beirut, محافظة بيروت

  • Roger Loutfi R

    Roger Loutfi

    Roger Loutfi

    Beirut, محافظة بيروت

  • Najla El Bizri N

    Najla El Bizri

    Najla Mohamed El Bizri; Medical degree: Lebanese University; Specialization Diploma: Lebanese University (RHUH)/ ULB (Er ...

    Beirut, محافظة بيروت

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