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    Result of Service

    • A midterm assessment report, including findings, sector-specific analysis, and recommendations for ensuring a comprehensive approach to economic development and enhancing economic diversification through the development of identified sectors. Including a strategic road map that anchors entry points for the development of identified sectors and their contributions to economic diversification.
    • The paper should be delivered in Arabic and should be maximum 25 pages long and includes the main ideas presented in the draft outline below.
    The following is a general guideline of the structure and content of the paper:
    I. Executive Summary II. Introduction III. Evaluation of the Economic Pillar within the NDP

    • Revision and analysis of economic development objectives, strategies, expected outcomes.
    • National economic growth expectations according to international best practices and benchmarks
    • Performance of overall economic development within the scope of NDP objectives.
    • Identification of critical shortfalls and deficiencies. IV. Sector-Specific Analysis for Economic Diversification
    • Analysis of key sectors identified for diversification (tourism, fisheries, mining, renewable energy, logistics, IT, manufacturing)
    • Assessment of competitive advantage and market opportunities
    • Analysis of sectors' growth potential and strategic emphasis. V. Recommendations & Conclusion
    • Outline of key findings, sector analysis and strategic recommendations to promote economic diversification and development.
    • Outline of recommendations to build the roadmap for the 11th Five-year National Plan
    • Presentations summarizing key findings, challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for stakeholders.
    • Keep in communication and collaborate with ESCWA's focal points to ensure the integrity of the paper in line with ESCWA's mandate and goals.
    • In addition to the papers to be delivered, the consultant should submit all relative annexes, references, tables, and graphs in the appropriate format.
    • The paper should be submitted within a period of 2.5 weeks from the contract signature date and according to the general guidelines described above.
    • The expert should consider the participation in the consultative and stakeholders' meetings will take place within a 2 to 3 months period.
    • The expert shall commit to applying any changes to the paper resulting from the consultative meetings and submit an updated draft.
    Work Location

    Expected duration
    4 weeks

    Duties and Responsibilities


    The objective of the assignment is to conduct a thorough mid-term review of the Economic Pillar theme outlines in the 10th five-year National Development Plan, specifically within the scope of economic diversification, and assess its related priorities, strategic goals, work programs including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    The consultancy thus aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the economic development pillar targeted at thoroughly understanding and strategizing Oman's economic modernization and diversification efforts.

    Additionally, the consultancy will dive into sector-specific analysis, further assessing each sector's potential growth.

    The goal is to offer valuable insights, recommendations, and guidance for enhancing performance and diversification efforts for the remaining period of the 10th Five-Year Plan and the forthcoming 11th Five-Year NDP.

    Duties and Responsibilities Review of Development Plan:

    • Review and analyze the economic development objectives, strategies, expected outcomes, and specifically, the targeted economic sectors for diversification as outlined in the plan.
    • Examine challenges and benchmarks as basis to determine the areas of development (what areas are missing and/or what areas are emphasized) to improve the performance towards the achievement of the strategic objectives, and establish future policies. .
    • Collect data and analyze performance against strategic objectives: Collect and analyze data on key economic indicators, sectoral performance, investment trends, and progress towards diversification. Special attention should be given to the potential economic sectors identified for diversification, assessing their current state, growth potential, and the challenges they face. (to take into consideration also the plan impact indicators that would enhance the analysis)

    Forward-Looking Recommendations:
    Identify critical shortfalls and deficiencies in the plan and key recommendations for the upcoming development national plan, specifically highlighting the areas/sectors that are in dire need of improvement

    Sector-Specific Analysis:

    • Conduct an analysis of the identified potential economic sectors for diversification. This should include sectors such as agriculture, education, tourism, fisheries, Transportation and logistics services, mining, information technology, and transformative Industries
    • Evaluate the competitive advantage, market opportunities, and international benchmarks relevant to these sectors.
    • Assess each sector's potential growth- by examining market size and growth trends to identify main drivers of growth and possible barriers that might restrict sector expansion. It might be also useful to highlight the sector with the highest potential of growth, so it can be emphasized, and thus other sectors could benefit from a review of their relevant work program implementation in the upcoming development plan.

    Recommendations for Sector-Specific Strategies:

    • Provide actionable recommendations for the development of each identified sector, including policy adjustments, strategic initiatives, to enhance their contribution to economic diversification and economic development. Including insights and recommendations for policies for the remaining period of the 10th Five-Year Plan and the forthcoming 11th Five-Year Plan. (Such as the need to adopt new policies, such as technological innovation, to maximize efficiency within each diversified sector and ensure and sustain efficiency).
    • Integration with Global and

    National Goals:
    Ensure that the recommendations for sector development and suggested policy reforms are aligned with Oman's broader economic diversification goals and national development priorities, Oman's Vision 2040, and their commitment to the SDGs in which the strategies themselves are sustainable

    Structural analysis:
    The consultant is invited to examine the logical links: a) between the work programs, strategic objectives, and priorities to assess and promote result-based management planning and demonstrate how they could be enhanced to achieve the intended outcomes and contribute to the realization of the 2040 vision. This will feed into and support the overall structural, procedural, and governance assessment of the Plan completed by ESCWA.

    Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Participate and engage in consultative and stakeholder meetings with key stakeholders from the identified sectors, including government officials sectoral experts, private sector representatives, and international experts to gather input and insights.
    Qualifications/special skills

    An advanced University degree, Master's degree or equivalent in Economics, Public Policy and Administration, Business Analytics or any other related field is required.

    A first-level university degree in combination with qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree. PhD is desirable. All candidates must submit a copy of the required educational degree. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. A minimum of five years of experience in Public policy, Business development, or Economic development is required. Experience in analytical writing is required and evidenced by a record of relevant publications is required. Previous experience working with Omani officials is required.


    English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat; and Arabic is a working language of ESCWA.

    For this position, fluency in oral and written English is required. Fluency in oral and written Arabic is required.

    "Fluency" equals a rating of 'fluent' in all four areas (speak, read, write, and understand) and "Knowledge of" equals a rating of 'confident' in two of the four areas.

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