Antoine Beaino

Zouq Mkayel, محافظة جبل لبنان

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Technology is something I have been passionate about since adolescence age. 

I built lots of experience in different technology fields, starting electricity, telecommunication and computers (Hardware and Software). 

I had the chance to work abroad with international companies, law enforcement and police where I built experience in physical security, IT, Networking, Audio Visual and Software. 

I built also experience in managing employees in different field in my managerial position I fulfilled. 

For me, the most attractive aspect of technology is problem solving. Problem solving with new approach is a challenge I have always loved – from completing technical tasks through to managerial tasks.

It is exciting to know that being involved in technology allows me to take my career in any direction.

I like the challenges in senior positions where I can use my expertise that will uplift the company that will hire me.


Master in Electrical & Electronic – Telecommunications & Computer Engineering


I start as Electrical Engineer, then Telecom & IT Support Engineer, moved to Team Leader Pre-Sales Systems Engineer, reached the Technical Manager position then upgraded to Operations Manager and R&D and lately reach the Chief Technology Officer and Technology Consultant.

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