tarek fadli

Tripoli, محافظة لبنان الشمالي

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

My name is Tarek fadli 

I'm a person who like to keep developing in life and working on my self, I take every opportunity I see, I'm also a photographer, a gym guy and a rugby player.


studied banking and finance 


Motivating and training employees to maximize team productivity.
• Reviewing documentation such as invoices and shipping paperwork for accuracy and compliance.
• Created and implemented strategies for improving operational efficiency and accuracy.
• Maintained comprehensive knowledge to better serve customers and meet demanding sales objectives.
• Assist in all export and import formalities.
• Negotiated and finalized contracts with new and existing customers.
• Worked with support teams to resolve issues with product, service or accounting areas.
• Contacted customers as soon as issues arose to immediately find resolution before the problems escalated.
• Customized service proposals for clients.
• Set up contracts, negotiated rates.
• Helped local clients expand business operations through targeted advertising.

• Managing employees work
• keep tracking all developers work, tasks, progress and set and end date for each project.
• Planning and strategy: Working according to the SWOT technique (strength, weaknesses,
opportunity and threats) which allows for a higher productivity and better time management
• The ability to keep objectives and goals firmly in sight.
• Helping developers with new ideas.
• Negotiation skills.
• Staff training: I helped salesman to be better and get more customers to work with our company,
how to convince them to buy our services and what we provide.
• Accounting management due to the pandemic I helped in decreasing expenses of the company,
also I was able to find ways to eliminate budgets in each department and keep the jobs of 60% of
employees. I also worked with department heads to reduce job redundancies and create

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