Nour al Hoda al Mawla

Beirut, محافظة بيروت

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Computer and Communication Engineer who is highly conversant in programming principles and logic. As an experienced Full-Stack software developer, I hold extensive practical knowledge of complex systems builds, hardware and software testing, network support, technical support as well as computer repairs.


Masters of Science in computer and communication engineering


Having more than 2 years experience as a .net software engineer and more than 5 years general IT experience, I know I have what it takes to do splendidly in any software development position. Also, my motto is to learn a new skill everyday. I am  willing to go above and beyond on any project, and to learn valuable skills on my own time. I taught myself all the programming skills that I currently have, simply out of a passion to learn how to code. I know you are looking for a self-motivated software engineer with both skills and passion, and I am that person.

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